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Guilt Free Gourmet Snacks

Here’s the skinny on our latest sweet deal: We’re serving up a new range of low sugar cake and muffins, as well as a gluten free cake selection for kids and grown-ups with special dietary requirements.  

Our gluten free cakes make the ideal birthday treat for kids who are affected by allergens like gluten, which is found in conventional cakes and cupcakes. Now your little one can enjoy an allergy free birthday party with sweet treats and plenty of smiles.

Our “Skinny” range is a selection of low sugar cakes and muffins in flavours like chocolate, blueberry or peach and raspberry. Topped with sugar free candies, our low sugar cakes are the perfect guilt free indulgence for birthdays or office parties. 

These gluten free goodies and low sugar sensations can be ordered online and delivered to your home directly from any of our London cake shops. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, a wedding or a Christmas party, our delivery service will ensure that the gluten free or low sugar cakes of your choice reach you well in time for that special day.

At Candy Cakes, we pride ourselves on the freshness and quality of our ingredients; we use only the best edible colourings and low sugar icings. Contact us today to order a luscious low sugar cake or a specially made gluten free cake.