Our beautiful baked goods aren’t the only goodies we have to offer. Visit a Candy Cakes outlet in London and treat yourself to a Candy Shake; a blend of Italian ice cream and the chocolate of your choice. Summer is on the way and our Candy Shakes make the ideal indulgence for those hot sunny days!

Our mouthwatering Candy Shakes menu includes everything from Mars Bars to M&M’s – anything a chocoholic could possibly crave! For those who prefer fresh fruity flavours to creamy chocolate delights, there is also a range of Tutti Frutti Candy Shakes and even a Skittles shake. And for those days when you’re looking for an extra-special indulgence, our selection of Wow Mix Candy

Shakes includes tantalising toppings like whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Take a trip to a Candy Cakes store and try one of our famous Candy Shakes – you can sit and sip one at your leisure, or get it to go if you’re on the move. Be warned though, one taste of a Candy Shake will keep you coming back for more!